Swedish Patrol Boat Association

The Swedish Patrol Boat Association (Föreningen Svenska Patrullbåtar) is a non-profit association with the aim to maintain HMS Jägaren in its original condition.

The association has a bare boat charter agreement with The National Maritime Museum where we aim to preserve HMS Jägaren as far as it is practically and economically possible. Furthermore we spread awareness of the ships’ historical role and unique technology.

To preserve it in its original condition as far as is practically and economically possible and also spreading knowledge and awareness of the ships’ historical role and unique technology in collaboration with maritime authorities and organizations. This work includes operating the vessel, training crews, handling maintenance, collecting and preserving documents, manuals and pictures about the vessel type, spread information and knowledge to the public, etc.

This ship type was available in three versionson, all with the same hull.
The differences were in the equipment on board.

HMS Jägaren

Year built: 1972

Length: 36.6 m

Width: 6.3 m

Engines: Two Cummins 16 cylinder diesel engines of 932 kW / 1,270 hp each.

Crew size: 20


Original equipment (Hugin type)
Main machinery:  Two 20-cylinder MTU engines of 2,575hp (each) at 1600rpm.
Artillery:  57 mm cannon (200 sk / min, max 13000 m range)
Fire control:  Arte 726 A
Sea target missile:  Model 12 (max 6)
Sink bombs (max 12)

Reconnaissance radar, fire control radar, navigation radar, submarine hunting system and signal reconnaissance

The association is open to anyone who sympathizes and supports its purpose! As a regular member, you will have the opportunity to become part of the crew and work on board on the trips that are planned. We will also show our ship to the public and we need knowledgeable and dedicated guides. In addition, you are welcome at ship evenings etc. Last but not least, we have to take care of the maintenance on board and appreciate your involvement. This requires members who can do anything from maintaining engines, electrical work, removing rust, painting, radio, computer work and so on.

If you do not have the opportunity to participate and work actively but think that the HMS Jägaren is worth preserving then your financial support is still appreciated.

Regular member: 1200 SEK/ year.
Junior Member: 350 SEK (18-25 years). Under 18 years with guardian's approval.
Supporting member 350: - / year.

The association's survival is completely dependent on income we get through members and paying guests. The association receives no grants from the state or municipality.  

Become a member by sending money to our bank giro (848-4891) and state in the payment your name and contact information. For foreign contributions please contact us first.

For any questions, please contact us via E-mail: info@patrullbatar.se